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Mobilising the BRICS New Development Bank to reach the Sustainable Development Goals - BRICS Youth Contest, October 2015
Krish Chetty

The New Development Bank: Identifying Strategic and Operational Priorities, August 2015

Observer Research Foundation (ORF) and the National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP) organised an intra-BRICS Experts Workshop on 18-19 June, 2015 in New Delhi

BRICS Inclusive Housing Policy - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015
Dr Jaya Josie & Krish Chetty
BRICS and Outside World Perception and Opportunities for Managing BRICS Image - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015
Elizabeth Sidiropolous
Building a Fair World Order: BRICS and the Rule of Law - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015
Prof Narnia Bohler Muller

Culture, science and education as drivers for enhanced cooperation within BRICS; Intercivilizational Exchanges and dialogue - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015

Prof Nico Jooste

Trade policy, the WTO and Productive Transformation Strategies in a context of regional and bilateral trade agreements: perspectives from South Africa -“ BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015

Nicolette Cattaneo

The evolution of the BRICS, Perspectives for enlargement - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015
Prof Olive Shisana, Matshaba Mothiane, Dr Jaya Josie
Addressing Social Problems - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015
Prof Ari Sitas, Aisha Lorgat

BRICS Bank as an alternative to the current international financial system in developing countries - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015

Prof. Ronney Ncwadi and Tafadzwa Ruzive


Digital liberty, the knowledge commons and some challenges for the governance of information and communication technologies and the internet for BRICS - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015

Prof Rasigan Maharajh

New Drivers Of Brics Economic Cooperation - BRICS Academic Forum, May 2015
Prof Seeraj Mohamed

Laying the BRICS of a New Global Order: From Yekaterinburg 2009 - eThekwini 2013

Edited by Francis Kornegay (IGD) and Narnia Bohler-Muller (HSRC). The Africa Institute of South Africa, 2013

A Successful Start: The SA BRICS Think Tank

Olive Shisana, HSRC Review, Volume 12, Number 2, April/May 2014

Foreign Policy: Advancing South Africa`s National Interest Within BRICS

Narnia Bohler-Muller, HSRC Review, Volume 12, Number 2, April/May 2014

Putting Gender on the Agenda for BRICS

Narnia Bohler-Muller , HSRC Review, Volume 11, Number 2, February/March 2013

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